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  • Certificate and E&O Concerns

    Target Audience: CSR, Principal/Owner

    Member Rate: $59 
    Non-Member Rate: $109

    Presenter: Steve Booth

    Steve Booth is a producer, bookkeeper and IT manager with the Dominick Huckabee Noblin & Trent Agency. He has been an ASCnet presenter since the early ‘90s, and helped to create the Certified ASCnet Presenter classification. He is also a certified E&O and CE instructor for NC and served many years as the President of the Carolinas TAM users group. He received the Ernest F Young Education Award from the NCIIA in 2000, was awarded an ASCnet Presidential Citation in 2003 and received the ASCnet Lifetime Achievement award in 2005. Steve continues to serve on the ASCnet Education Committee and served as Chair in 2006 and 2007.

    Certificate and E&O Concerns
    (Recorded On) November 15, 2012| 1:00pm CST



    For any size account, demands are made on commercial CSR staff to issue certificates of insurance with special language and changes.  Are we allowed to make these changes to the COI form, and what could be the implications of those actions? What obligations do you really have to these certificate holders?  Find out if you are putting your agency in a potential E&O loss situation.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Examine and understand the TAM Certificate Setup area.
    • Review methods for proper completion of certificates.
    • Use procedures for compliance with state laws and E&O prevention.

    Class level: Basic
    Platform: TAM

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